An Unbalanced Mind

What defines a balanced mind?  Common senseDiscerning fact from fiction?  The ability to handle more than one mental task at a time?  Being able to judge character in a person and "reading between the lines?"  I think I can only do a few of these, if that many.  Really, my mind has been off kilter for a long time, but it was only in recent years that I knew what it was….  Or more specifically, what caused it.  I have learned to cope with having a mind that is atypical from the normal status quo.  It is hard at times, because enthusiasm I started out with fades quickly and my energy with it.  But now, instead of just giving up, I keep pressing.  Even though all most all of my thoughts scream, "I don’t want to!  Stop!  Let’s think of something completely different and forget this!"  There are still a few thoughts that keep me going, keep me focused.  That and some good old medication. Wink  I think what defines an unbalanced mind is not what it cannot do, but what it does do.  And if you think about it, we’re all unbalanced in some way.  Some more recognizable than others, but we all have fears and dreams that we may never attain or overcome.  That in itself makes us unbalanced because why fear something that is perfectly safe?  Why hope for something that has no chance of happening?  I believe that an unbalanced mind is perfect for us all.  It breeds imagination, hope, love, intelligence, and dreams.

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