A Crimson Liquid

Blood.  Made up of plasma, red blood cells, white  blood cells, water, platelets, blood-clotting factors, antibodies, proteins, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. It is about seven percent of our body weight Does it only apply to blood in our
bodies or our bonds that we form between others that we trust?  Would it be odd to feel like some of the blood you surround yourself with is poisoned?  Is it crazy to think that  slow drip of another’s blood would be good for you.  I find myself wondering lately….   There are those that I consider a part of me even though we’ve never met.  Then there are others that share the same lineage as me, but I question if we really are related by their actions and thought processes….

I have already shed some blood that I needed to be rid of.  But will I have to be rid of more in the future?  Just thin streams of crimson running down my body as I attempt remove bad blood from myself.  The only problem is that you can never be rid of all of it.  There will always be a few drops that are not able to come out, still flowing inside of you.  You always remember, even though draining yourself of the memory was the goal.

So what to do, in spite of this fact?  Keep draining and suffer or just accept it and put some bandages on?  I guess I will pick the latter.  I do like smiling instead of being in a pool of my own blood.  Smiling when I can’t bear the thought of doing anything else, just so maybe the happy feeling will come back.  As such is the thought of someone with a bleeding heart,  a quiet disposition and a fractured mind.


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