How the dove fell in love

How does a dove find it’s place in the world.
Roaming around freely in the sky. But it finds its way by traveling
from place to place to finally meet the woman so high. 
High in the sky this woman will wait! Waiting
for the dove to come. "Come! Come!" She says inviting the dove in for
tea. "Tea?" The dove ask. "Yes! Yes" the woman will say as she points to
to a cup of tea. The dove lands on the table looking at the warm cup of
fine tea in the land. The dove will drink and drink. The dove will
drink I say!
I say the skies will open up and the sound of
bells will ring! Ring! Ring! the bell will Ring! Ring the sound of the
child will hear. A child? Could this be? The dove who was roaming the skies for a place to stay. A place to stay and be happy. Happy the girl
will be, Happy the girl will be.

Off they chat and chat! Off they
chat and chat and chat! Chatted till they knew, knew it was time. Time
to say "I love you". I love you indeed said the woman when the girl said
the sweet words like honey. Honey, sweet as honey the girl thought of
the woman.
And then a RING will appear and then the BELLS should
appear. Bells! Bells! The sound of wedding bells?! Yes… the sound of
wedding bells it is. The girl and the woman had a wedding.
they had indeed. Wedding they had indeed. So off they went after the
wedding to be together forever! The girl who once was a dove who roamed
in the sky to find its place in the world. Free to roam it had. To
travel from place to place. For the woman she had been searching for.
Forever… To be with.
The girl turned to the woman and smiled. She
smiled and said, "I love you." (The End ♥ )

[Written by Haley McPherson, one of my best friends]


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