Feeding as the Moon Does….

Moonlight…I am so used to thee, gazing upon me with your cold stare, sucking the warm light of the sun and using it to make yourself glow at night just like I’m doing now.  Here I have this poor defenseless woman who looked as if she couldn’t hurt a fly.  She smelled of apples.  I love apples so I felt her neck and calmed her by looking into her eyes, making her mind blank, an abyss where she can’t escape from my grasp.  Then I turn her neck and sink my fangs into her neck, drawing blood and sucking the rich red liquid out of her.  I had to stop after a few minutes.  Humans bleed rather quickly and her heartbeat in her blood was slowing fast.  By thinking of a deer carcass that had been rotting in the sun for a few days, I was able to come out of the euphoria of my meal and stop draining her.  After laying her down, and leaving, I wonder if she would tell anyone what happened?  Not if she wants everyone to think of her as sane.

What to do?

No regular food. Just blood as the Moon only takes the light the sun can give it.

Thus the life of a vampire….


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