A New Direction

I used to think I was going in one direction.  A doctor!  And that was working for a bit until I started taking high level college math courses and realized for math, I really need a good teach and the one I had sucked.  So I dropped that class and did my best in the rest of my classes.  This went well…until I had to figure out what was my next move.  My mother would not except, no plan which is what I had at the time, so I picked Psychology.  I like it and not a lot of math, perfect! Again! 

But…You need at least a Master’s to get a decent job in the Psychology field….Another poor choice.

Again I need a plan and I did find one while volunteering at my local hospital.  I loved it, the pace, the orderly mess, just how my mind works!  But what to do about that pesky Psychology major issue…? 

It seems actually talking to her enabled me to start a nursing career or at least start the work to start a nursing career.  I have most of the classes, just have to get a few more, take the TEAS test and apply.  That sounds so easy, but timing is everything.  If I don’t finish everything on time, then no Fall 2011 Nursing school for me…..  But I know I can do it!  I just have to keep working!  I’ve gotten this far, right?

And with this new direction, I finally know what I want to do with my life!


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