Marvel and the lack of body hair

I’ve been watching the Marvel movies since they started with Iron Man in 2008. One thing I’ve noticed is that no one male or female have any body hair (other than maybe a beard or a goatee if the original comic book character had one). People are hairy. I get that in the comics few of the heroes male or female have body hair. That is sometimes reserved for civilians but they’re usually pretty hairless too.

Myself, along with 80% of women who enjoy Marvel movies and I’m sure some who decided to start watching after the Infinity War trailer where Chris Evans (who will always be Captain America to me) walked out of the shadows with that full, beautiful, looked like it was soft to the touch beard. That touched me in a very deep place, a place that was happy from a thirst POV because bearded Chris Evans is the most sexy to me. It also just made me happy just to see that they didn’t just shave or wax someone for the role. Granted, given that he’s Captain America, he likely had a bit more clout as far as “I don’t feel like shaving,” then a more minor but still important character would.

One other thing that bothers me, well, at least for me anyway. They shave the guys’ chest hair. I know most people are like, “this is important why?” it’s important to me. I like a light dusting on the chest. And to my knowledge, most of the male actors have had chest hair in other roles. I just feel like they shave them and oil them up like eels. Eww…. Just thoughts for the day.


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