Why do you blog?

That’s the question of the day today. Why does one blog? I’m sure many people have many different answers. I can’t answer for them, I can only answer for myself. The main reason I blog, it’s therapeutic for me. I would just write multiple things to myself and for myself, not that I don’t do that now, but it helps to know somehow that someone might be reading what I write. Being who I am: African – American female who isn’t into most of the mainstream things or even things that people assume Black women should be into or knowledgeable about, I feel invisible most of the time. I’m also full-figured (plus size or fat, I do call myself fat at times) which is usually seen as someone who is supposed to be caring, motherly, funny and a bit submissive. I am not and through my twenties (I’m 29 by the way), I’ve learned to accept myself as I am. I do know that I can and do have a sadistic mean streak that can come out. This contributes to my depression and anxiety which I freely talk about because I deal with it on a daily basis. Trying to change myself has just helped me to be even more depressed and anxious then I already am. Especially in the Black community still, we don’t talk mental health much.

Even if a post doesn’t have any likes or comments, it helps that it’s out there so I feel seen. I might not actually be, but the hope is that I am. The other main reason is that even though writing is a hobby for me, I take it seriously enough to want to be better at it. To do that, you do need other writers to read your work and critique it, then use what they tell you to improve your writing. Hopefully, I’m not that bad of a writer to start, but I hope to start to craft a writing style with my posts, then continue to build experience in writing and grow as a writer.


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