Better Self Care 2019

Try and stick to this: it may seem weird, but you’re weird. It’s not bad. Just means you have to make adjustments for yourself. You’re a special snowflake.

Go to bed by 10:30pm. Get clothes ready, bag, part of lunch and clean make up brushes for tomorrow.

Wake up by 5:30am Wash my face, bathroom and eat quick breakfast so you can take your medicine by 6:00am.

When you get to work, put your stuff down and take a deep breath. The residents and the staff will seem like they are against you, most of them are not. Just take it one thing at a time and leave when you’re supposed to.

Try to leave work by 4:30pm no later than 5pm. This is important. Your sanity depends on this.

Can play video games or watch TV or check bills, but must exercise to a TV show for 20 minutes. If you keep exercising, the meds you take will decrease and you might sleep better. It’s a win – win.

Make time to watch movies and write. It is good for you, helps with your depression and works some of your many anxieties out. That and singing, keep working on that playlist.

Must take medication before you leave the house after eating breakfast. You’ll feel better even though it might not seem like it.


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