Thoughts on preferences

I write to get out thoughts and feelings that are otherwise not ok to say in public. Sometimes maybe they are, but I don’t feel confident enough to say them aloud to others.
I write fanfiction. It used to be just anime, but now it’s about the MCU actors. Yeah, I have a preference for white guys, at least from the MCU. Weird? Yes, but I knew this about myself. But I like the goofy, sweet, hot and smart. I usually write about how we get to know each other and he accept me for who I am and what I am now. Someone who is fat, has rolls and is gassy. They enjoy my companies and I enjoy theirs. There’s usually not some grand story going on. It’s meeting at work, through a friend or at a Starbucks.

Plus romance stories I see on TV either don’t feature black women as romantic leads, when they do, they guy usually isn’t as gainfully employed as she is (not working toward anything better either) or has to be this hard nose angry black lady who was done wrong by men before. Yes there are those women, but there are women like me who we’re shy we’d like guys to like us. We have good credit. We’re not hot, but not toads. Can’t we get a win or two you know?

I wonder about it sometimes.


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