Thinking about a few things

I was thinking about a few things today.

1. One of my friends stated that she was gonna make it her mission to have me lose my virginity.

2. The same friend said that her second mission is to get me a date where I’m wined and dined.

3. To both the above things I said “Okay cool,” but I’m nervous about everything.

4. It also made me think about what a fupa is. Not sure if I spelled it right or not. I thought it was the patch of fat below your tummy since actual fat be people like me usually have.

5. This also got me thinking about starting to wax since now there’s a possibility that someone may actually be looking at my vagina. I usually shave my legs and my underarms. Never shaved my bikini area, my legs rubbing together seemed to eliminate that need and I usually don’t go swimming.


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