Tula Skincare – What seems to be preventing my hormonal acne

I’ve had acne since I was about 12 or 13. Maybe earlier because I started my period at age 10, but I only remember closer to middle school because well, kids and people in general are mean when you’re different from what they think you should be.

I also have scars on my cheeks, chin and jawline from the years of acne, picking, popping and trying tens of products that would work for a time and then stop. Some of the products wouldn’t work at all, so much money and time spent.

I went into my local Ulta in Laurel, MD after I finished watching Avenegers: Endgame because after my mixed feelings about the whole Sam/Bucky/Steve and Steve’s ending, I decided to poke around. I had been working with some of the Dermalogica acne specific products which seemed to work, but then I was having a really bad breakout again. I spoke to one of the ever helpful floor staff in Ulta and told her what I had tried and what hadn’t worked. She pointed me over Tula, a brand known for its probiotics within its products. I’m usually sceptical of such products, but after using it for about two weeks my skin looks and feels better.

It will likely be a long time before the scars start to fade but at least I shouldn’t have new pimples to cause more scars.

Pictures from May 11, 2019:

Pictures from May 28, 2019:

Now if only I could figure something out for the facial hair. That will take quite a bit more research, trust me I’ve been looking into that as well.

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