Dating with Dating apps kinda

I stress kinda because I signed up on a few and there’s four greetings I’ve seen:

1. Dick pic or greeting then insulting me for being fat

2. Asking if I’m into foot massages or other massages

3. Asking about a specific sex act or combining various ones

4. Saying hello or how are you like most people

I’m understanding more of why people overall are frustrated with it. I won’t give up. I think I may have found a few nice guys on apps to chat with and hopefully get to know then maybe meet.

As for them greeting me and then calling fat, I can only assume guys who do that need to feel better about themselves. I block them. They could just scroll by my profile as I’m sure others do who aren’t interested.

Which leads me to the next part of chatting. So far it’s going okay, I just want to get to know someone before meeting them in a public place. I just notice that some guys start with a normal opening and then after a few exchanges want you at their house or apartment.

I’ll keep working at it. We’ll see how it goes.


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