Review of Slaai Makeup-melting butter Cleanser

Where did you buy it: At Sephora

How much was it: $34.00

Who makes it: Drunk Elephant

I bought this while I was looking for a cleaning oil to use in addition to the micellar water I was using. The water cleans well, but not everything, I still felt some makeup on my face. I use the Slaai at night when removing my makeup. I apply the butter right before getting into the shower and that way I feel that I’m removing all of the butter. My skin feels smooth, hydrated and ready for my nighttime skin routine. All the makeup (including eyeshadow, blush, foundation, lipgloss/lipstick and concealer) feels like it’s completely gone. It’s pricey at $34.00, but I’m going to have it for two to three months at least because you only need maybe two spoonfuls if that (product comes with a small spoon for if you don’t want to use your fingers) for application.

Assuming I use it up before September, I would definitely buy it again.

Bring on more reward points!


2 thoughts on “Review of Slaai Makeup-melting butter Cleanser

  1. Hi, what is micellar water please? Perhaps we don’t have it in UK. I don’t wear make-up usually (just high days and holidays!) but your beauty routine sounds amazing. I’d love my skin to feel more hydrated, face and body.


    1. Micellar water is a specific type of water found where you buy makeup and skincare products. It’s supposed to help remove makeup from your face before you use your cleanser. I feel that the micellar water doesn’t clean my face as well as the cleansing balm nor does it hydrate my face. It dries it out.

      I’m worked to improve my skincare routine. I’ve mainly have my acne under control. Now it’s the scars from the acne that I have to work on.


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