Netflix Film “Murder Mystery”

I watched Netflix as one does on a holiday off. I decided to watch an Adam Sandler movie called “Murder Mystery.” It was actually pretty good. Now with Sandler movies I know to expect a lot of low brow jokes with sex and dicks (I’m a fan of Futurama, Family Guy. Robot Chicken and other shows you can find on adult swim so I’m fine with it.) What struck me is how he got Jennifer Aniston into the murder mystery comedy. Most of the other actors I know I’ve seen them in other TV and movies, I just can’t place the name. They’re working though so as an actor that’s great.

Anyway, Nick and Audrey Spitz (Sandler and Aniston) have been married 15 years, it’s their wedding anniversary and it’s the same card with a gift card type of deal. After failing the detective exam again, Nick has dinner with his wife’s friend and her husband that night where the friend couple you have gets each other better gifts than you guys did. This is after Audrey has been talking with her coworkers and clients at the hair salon about husbands, anniversaries and poor gift giving in addition to poor communication overall. Audrey complains about this to Nick and in feeling guilty that he has been lying to his wife about being a detective (he’s an officer who has failed the exam 3 times) and getting her yet another gift card, tell Audrey that yes we’re going to Europe like I promised (15 years ago)!

On the plane, after Nick falls asleep and snores. Audrey sneaks into first class and meets a charming, handsome British gentleman who tells of a family situation that sounds just like a plot out of one of Audrey’s mystery books. The couple then get swept up in murder, mystery, fake hands, yummy food and bad sex toward a satisfying ending.

Overall, I liked the movie and I think as Sandler has aged his comedy has matured a bit (still dick jokes but they’re always kinda funny or really funny). He has a couple other Netflix original movies that might be worth checking out.


One thought on “Netflix Film “Murder Mystery”

  1. Totally agree. Watched film last weekend and really enjoyed it. Fairly lightweight stuff on the ‘mystery front’ but that made it very easy viewing and very funny. Perfect Sandler.


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