The movie “Swiped”

Second movie of Netflix that I’ve watched on July 4th today. It was about college, sort of, coding, dating, relationships, love and how the current climate of dating is.

I clicked on the movie becuase Noah Cintenieo was in it and it was a different role than the Netflic film “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” He was your typical college guy who is interested with hanging with firends and how many girls he can snag instead of studies. His friends were the same. But the movie mainly follows the main character as he creates an app designed for hookups where women don’t know the names of men they’re meeting or a way to contact them after meeting up. He designs the app in order to earn enough money to go to an ivy league school but after his own mother attempts to use the app, he decides to shut down the app he made and other dating apps. He ends up with the girls he likes who doesn’t like apps nor is she on any of them becuase she actually wants to get to know a guy like first and last name for starters.

What struck me about the movie was how it described the current climate for dating as a whole. People (only in Hallmark movies, TV and two of my friends) meet possible significant others in person. Most people meet other people online for hookups, dating, and long-term relationships. It’s mostly swiping, texts and when you meet, sex is pretty much expected. As I found out in my recent foray into dating. I had been chatting with a guy for a week and a half. Per our chat, we did have things in common but as soon as I got back from my vacation and suggested that we could meet up for lunch or coffee. Seemed reasonable to me, to meet in person and talk face to face. The response I got from him was that he did not want to meet that way, instead he wanted mt to text him my number so that he would send me his address. He then wanted me to come over his house so he could kiss me all over and have sex. I promptly said no and stopped the chat.

In other messages I’ve gotten from men (and I’m sure that same-sex relationships have the same type issues too) you get pictures of genitalia messages asking if your down for sex after a greeting.

Another moment in the movie that struck a cord with me is that the sorority house of girls when asked by the main character what would be an idea date for them, they said they didn’t know becuase they hadn’t been on one. It had pretty much been hookups.

Pretty much it speaks of the current dating climate and it irked me. Not really the movie, it was fine. But just that this is what dating has come to and I’m not really okay with it. Which likely means that I won’t find someone meeting an app, maybe.


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