I thought you had freckles?

I buy a lot of skincare and makeup products. Primarily from Sephora, Ulta Beauty and ColourPop. Within the last two years I really started getting into exploring makeup and skin care at first because of my long-standing war with acne (which I believe to be hormonal now because according to different articles I’ve read, vast majority of my acne appears on my cheeks, chin, and jawline) and the scars they leave behind. Now through new friends at work, I’ve really gotten into makeup as another way to Express myself instead of just being purely to cover up scars and look more professional at work. Which is an idea I received as part of much bad as other I’ve gotten over the years.

Yes scars are ugly, I especially do not like the ones on my face. I have other scars on my body but because they’re on a leg, arm, foot or not my face, I’m okay with those. It’s the ones that everyone sees as soon as they meet me or not that likely forms an impression of me based on my scars before actually talking to me. Plus I just find them grisly, like I should have a store about being in a fight, fending off an animal, narrowly escaping a natural disaster, my scars are caused by none of those. Just acne and me picking at them which hurt more than it ever helped but for a reason beyond my understanding is fun to me. I have been asked if my scars are freckles. On some days, I felt I should have lied and said that they were, but I couldn’t insult the people to have adorable freckles whose cheeks I want to pinch because they often have dimples too. Must be genetic or coincidence….

I’m also able to spend more money on my skin and myself in general because I have disposable income now. Thankfully I’m not paycheck to paycheck and do have quite a bit in savings and put some there every paycheck.

For my skin, I feel that I owe it to my younger self that didn’t bother to ask enough questions and didn’t have enough money to get products that would help the acne. To that end, I’ll keep exploring different brands until I find someone that works for these acne scars. Surprisingly I have found a brand that really gets rid of the acne (Tula Skincare) so there won’t be any new scars but the journey for more even skin shall continue.


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