Final Fantasy XIV – So much content in so little time

Possible spoilers – Not really discussing the story so much as my experience playing the game. Just in case! 🙂

With the new and final expansion of the game released July 2nd 2019, I decided to look once more at trying it out.

I realize that yes, it is an MMO and yes there is a subscription fee, but when the very first FFXIV released in August 24th, 2013, I was in a much different place financially. Working to pay through nursing school so I figured that was one expense I couldn’t afford. But now I’ve graduated, have a much better job with regular hours so I can afford the subscription fee of $12.99 a month to play a game that I will be logging a lot of hours into.

(I finished my 30 day trial period and bought a 90 day subscription for $13.99 a month. I’m the type that doesn’t like to see the bill every month and I do plan on playing it for a long time to come.)

I started out as a female Au Ra conjurer. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but although magic use is fun, I still really wanted a melee character. So what better way to do that, then to start another new game with a female highlander (Hyur) and go full gladiator!

I’m enjoying the main story so far but I really love the secondary main story that goes with your job. I’ve found it pretty interesting between the gladiators and the guild masters along with some of the other characters. Some of the random quests you can take on are pretty hilarious in the names and content. I sign up for them just to see what they may ask my character to do. Now most of them are talking to this person, then that person, killing a number of monsters or finding items in a local area. I find it best to vary your acceptance of them just to feel like you’re not doing the same quest 5 times in an afternoon.

The customization is another facet of FFXIV I enjoy, that you can make your character look and sound however you want and run around with them.

The gameplay took me a long learning curve because it’s my first MMO. Thank goodness you can play it with a controller. Even with my PS4 controller I was still pretty confused but the game is pretty forgiving in the beginning which I assume I still am in because I have the little green budding leaf next to my screen name and I’m level 24.

I did find out that at a certain point in the game you venture into dungeons where you will have to have a party.

A party is comprised of a tank (my class gladiator is a tank) luring enemies away from the rest of the party to keep them safe. Two attackers (magic and/or physical damage dealers) to take down enemies and a healer to keep everyone alive. Any treasure found is either divided equally or you can cast your lot for it if you really want it. At the end if you feel a particular player did really well in their role, you can give them an accommodation or an upvote that I believe if you get enough of them, there’s achievements and items awarded for being a good team player. I appreciated that they’re promoting people being good players to others even if for a short while.

Overall I’m having a ball and I haven’t even found a group of people to play with actively yet. I keep learning about the game each time I play and there’s so much to explore in the wide world of Ezorea across the 3 realms.

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