The Journey Forward – The Bulge, The Fat, and The Jiggle

I have written before about losing weight and I haven’t lost much. One of my friends had gastric bypass surgery. It’s likely something I would qualify for given my weight, but is scares the Dickens out of me. Having any type of surgery scares me, but I need to do something or else I will end up need hip replacements, knee replacements, being diabetic and possibly having a stroke.

I’m thinking of going to one of those weight loss clinics. I have tried weight watchers and that freaked me out with the meetings in person with groups of people.

Using apps for weight loss on my phone work for a time but I find it tedious, slack off and am back into bad habits.

Overall, I feel good about my life overall but my weight issue pisses me off, saddens me and makes me anxious about my future health. It’s a cycle that doesn’t bode well as far as stress eating.

I know people would tell me to be comfortable with my body as it is now. But I’m not. Not on planes. Not when people see me on the street and stare. Not when I need to pull my clothes out of my rolls. Not when I walk and my thighs rub together. I’m uncomfortable most of the time.

I do take responsibility for my eating, lack of exercise and poor choices regarding my health to this point.

Being the weight I am (over 300 lbs), I wonder what I can do? What else can I do?


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