As a light skinned black woman… my thoughts as bullet points

I wrote in a stream of consciousness manner. My random thoughts on being a light skinned black woman.

  • I wonder if I’m Black enough sometimes now.
  • I used to wonder if I was Black enough a lot when I was younger.
  • I then leaned into anime, video games, TV and movies.
  • My immediate and distant family members often make fun of my interests a lot.
  • I learned how to poke fun at myself and making people outside of my family laugh for fun and weirding them out because they made fun of me and now I was laughing so hard at their joke about me.
  • Most people when I meet them do not believe I am black based on how I speak, mannerisms and how light I am.
  • Defending my blackness and somehow proving that I was black became a thing for a few years.
  • Arguing with white people and people from other cultures (Asian, Indian, Hispanic, African, etc.) was weird. Just real weird.
  • My parents sometimes wondered if my black card was lost and questioned did they birth me?
  • It does nothing to help their arguement that when I was in elementary school I came home and told me parents that I was not black because I looked like the other white kids at my school. (I hadn’t tanned yet still.)
  • My lack of stereotypical blackness helps usually in work situations. In my job, I work with residents, their families, my staff, doctors and other departments. My staff, residents, families and others at times make comments about negative black sterotypes, usually about being late.
  • I have the same type of views if my late family members typically at family gatherings.

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