Something new: Enter TV and Movies!

I’ve been writing about different subjects and those who follow the blog have been reading my posts or skimming them at the very least. No matter which category you fit into, thank you for reading and your support.

In an attempt to expand my writing beyond fanfiction, skin care and my weight; I’m going to try my hand at more TV and movie reviews.

Will it be as good as those who do it professionally? Of course not, but as always, it will be my opinion and mine alone so if you all as the readers what to comment with your thoughts, agreements, disagreements, other ideas or have helpful suggestions of what I can do better, such things are always welcome as long as they’re respectful.

I have done a few reviews of movies. I will include the links at the bottom in case you all would like to read them or skim. Even if you skim, I still appreciate you. 🥰

Post of the movie “Swiped”

Post of the Netflix movie “Murder Mystery”


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