Movie Review: “Office Uprising”

I watched this movie 8/24-8/25 in the wee hours of the morning. I did try and watch the move before but I kept falling asleep on it. It’s the kind of movie I feel like watching at 1 or 2am. Found the movie on Sony Crackle.

I started watching the movie because of Zachary Levi because I enjoy him as an actor. Loved him since the TV show “Chuck.”

Anyway, the plot of the movie follows one office accountant through a day in cubicles. Then the weird starts to happen with the R&D department as they’re researching all sorts of weapons. Granted, they are a weapons company.

The movie is a satire on the office culture, cubicles, entitlement and capitalism. There’s a lot of violence, blood and cursing within it. It is very funny if you have a dark sense of humor.

I enjoyed the movie overall, but I would have liked to see more women and people of color in the movie. But from the administration I work in it’s pretty white for the upper level administration. The mid-level where I am has some more color to it. The entire administration has quite a few women in it though.

Overall, the movie is good for people who have a negative outlook on cubicle life. You don’t mind zombies, cursing, blood and slight romance with the main male lead and female leads sprinkled in there.


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