Vacation Thoughts: Part I

Even if you do take a vacation with other people; be they family, friends or others, there are times when you want to be alone.

To enjoy the time by yourself, hear yourself think. Not hear about repeated plans once one is back home. I know what awaits me back in reality:

  1. Work
  2. Waking up early (5:30 – 6am)
  3. Likely leaving work late due to staffing, staff issues or residents
  4. Working on my weight again
  5. Figuring out an exercise plan
  6. Starting online classes by the end of the month (I was told by the college to follow up by 9/18 to see if they recieved everything)
  7. The Church Choir
  8. Whatever family stuff crops up

Waking up late is wonderful.

Getting a good night’s sleep eventually (depending on your cabin-mate that can be a challenge on its own).

Wandering the ship without anyone asking me what is next.


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