Vacation Thoughts Part II

Written September 13, 2019

I wore a large red polkadot one piece for the first time this week on my vacation cruise to the Carribiean. It felt good even though I’m used to having one of those skirts that covers your lower belly pouch of fat and large thighs.

This week I did not care. I’m wearing an olive green dress now without concern if I shaved my legs or not (Just to be clear, I shaved my underarms and legs before my vacation, but my hair grows quickly all over my body). As the boat rocks back and forth from the waves on our way home, this marks to me where I may have matured a bit.

Swimming in my red polkadot number (which is one of those 1950’s style suits – vintage) which was so relaxing and fun. Bobbing around in the water, swimming and splashing like I haven’t done for years.

In the clear aqua blue water of Half Moon Cay on a clear September day bouncing around, soft waves pushing me down the beach, parents playing with their children, floating around. The cares of the world melting with my sunscreen.


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