Why should you vote?

Your life depends on it
How can you not? Many lives lost
Vote use it or lose

There are so many ways to vote: in person on the day, early voting a week or two before, or mailing in your vote (absentee voting). To make your voice heard on issues that affect you.

The presidential election is important yes, critically so, but so are your state and local elections. These are the ones that affect local property taxes, new ordinances that may limit your time outdoors at certain hours (a curfew), who is the superintendent for your county’ school for your kids, who is the police chief that will keep officers accountable but also protect them, are are your representatives in the house and Senate who supposedly have your issues and interests at hand?

I’m not tell who people should vote for. It’s not my place and not my decision since I’m not in the voting booth with you.

I just emplore people to vote as it is your right as someone living in the United States. It is your responsibility as people have fought and died for the right for you to vote and decide how things are run locally, state-wide and nationally.

For those who feel it isn’t important, I hope you know your silence means that you agree with whatever happens good or bad for you and your loved ones. Voting, reaching out to your representatives, going to town halls and researching the candidates and people up for positions that can determine your everyday life.

Please research and vote, if not for you, then for those you care about.


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