Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

I am shade 50 NN in this foundation.

Fifty is your shade intensity

The first letter (in my case “N” is for neutral) is the mastertone or the overall skin tone of your face. Not matching this tone will lead to your face being a different color than your neck. A floating head if you will, not a good look at all.

The second letter is your undertone (mine is “N” again) which are more subtle colors in your face that help make up the mastertone. I actually have not only neutral undertones but golden tones as well. Some people have yellow, red or pale undertones that can give them a warm or cool look to their face.

I learned that undertones are important in the store (I was shade matched at Sephora) because if I use makeup with cool undertones, it makes me look ashy or like I’m going to haunt someone.

The Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation box

I enjoy the box art and that the above information was right on the box for me to read and ask questions about. Urban Decay usually has pretty edgy and slick designs which I enjoy. The actual foundation bottle is a pump for those of us (clumsy like myself) who may require a controlled dispenser or who just like to control how much comes out. The bottle is gold (top) and clear (body) which shows the exact shade of foundation. It looks art deco almost, but I could be very wrong.

The foundation is supposed to be a medium coverage buildable to full coverage if needed. Application went well this morning with sponge – one face layer and then dabbed for coverage of “freckles” (My acne scars but one of my friends is convinced they are freckles which sounds better than scars – so I shall call them this too). I did try a foundation brush but it went on too sheer for me and didn’t cover any of what I wanted to cover. Urban Decay’s claim of coverage is correct! Provided you use a sponge.

In the morning after application.

After application and during the day it feels weightless at first, then only on my nose and cheeks due to oil. Never going to have wrinkles until I’m 90 years old!

I did blot my face earlier today but only once. Blotted my nose again later in the evening around 5pm.

In the evening after blotting my face. I blotted my nose a second time.

I have a large pimple on my right cheek, I despise it. I did squeeze it, it was a horrible choice, now it is angry. DO NOT SQUEEZE OR PICK YOUR PIMPLES! No matter how much you dislike them. 😥 They have the last laugh!

My nose and parts of my face got a bit oily but it looks more dewy than greasy I think? I also know I have some lipstick on my chin. Tends to happen after I eat or drink. Lol
After I remove the makeup and clean my face, behold! That red sucker… But I feel like the foundation covered up a lot.

Overall, I love how well the foundation matched my skin and covered imperfections that I’m insecure about. I enjoyed how light that it felt on my skin and that I only had to blot twice (one for my whole face and second for my nose – so much oil).

I will likely be restocking it after I finish using the bottle.