Ginger Curled Drabble (Tom Hiddleston)

“Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her milk chocolate pudding…” The ginger haired man hummed. His glasses sat squarely at the end of his nose as he read Henry V again.

I chuckled as the plastic spoon entered my mouth with the smooth cocoa goodness that was the pudding. His long legs were crossed and he sat with his back straight as always, reading The Bard’s words once more. I gave a loud “Mmmm…” savoring the flavor on my tongue. Leaning on Tom’ shoulder, I peeked at which Act he was in.

“The pudding made her moan, which caused me to groan and consider what my mouth can do.” The lyrical wiz shut his book loudly which caused me to jump, uncrossed his legs and kneeled in front of me on the floor. “The Princess peered poignantly at her Prince’s perched position.” I simply smiled and reached for his face, cupping his cheeks in my palms. “The Princess looks down at the Prince, prostrating himself before her and wonders what he shall choose to do.” Tom gave me a sly grin as I took a deep breath in expectation. He was definitely going to do something. The curly haired man laid his head on one of my thighs as his hands kneaded my calves. I sighed from his fingers applying pressure to my muscles, how did he know? I was eating pudding a few minutes ago, he scares me at times from his attention to detail, but succumbing to his intuition has its merits such as massages. “The Princess’ legs are so tightly wound. Where else do you require knots to be eked out by my hands?”

“Thomas, relinquishing myself to you have never been a poor choice. Show me your command once more my Prince.”


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