The End of an Era

Earlier this week, Sunday actually, I traded in my Nintendo 3DS and my PSVita with all their games.

I hadn’t played either one for six months or more and had been looking into a Nintendo Switch. The games on it look pretty cool and I have some games for it.

My PSVita saw me through Atelier Ayesha & Escha and Logy which were my two favorite Atelier games (I’m a sucker for Atelier games.) I also spent a lot of Final Fantasy time on there with Final Fantasy Tatics: War of the Lions on there as well. Boco the Chocobo forever!!

My Nintendo 3DS saw me through Pokemon, Yoshi, Final Fantasy rhythm games and Etrian Oddessy 4 then the remakes for 1 and 2 then 5 with Nexus being the final one. So many dungeon crawling hours spent training teams and picking classes for just that right combo to work best. So satisfying to beat a stratum boss and reap the spoils of all that experience.

I’ll miss my Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita due to nostalgia but I think that I’ll make new video game memories on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s just weird not having them their as they’ve been there for years.

A video game nerd’s swan song for her systems.


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