Listening is Key (Sebastian Stan drabble)

I think I know where he was going with this but it’s a bit much. On the bed are three sets of lingerie, each a fluttery teddy with matching cheeky panties with lace on the trim. One set was red with black polka dots, the next was a mustard yellow that had white lace and the final one was royal blue with light blue trim. They were all beautiful. It made me wonder: How much did he spend on these? Is what I wear to bed not acceptable? How did he know colors I love?

“You look confused. You said you aren’t comfortable to come to bed naked. You also mentioned that you didn’t like animal print either, so I looked online and found these.” He explained nervously. I assume from my expression he was starting to think he did something wrong. Sebastian had surprised me like this before. He poked fun at my silk bonnet I wear to bed for my hair, but the last couple of times after we made love I woke up the next morning with it on. I was sure I hadn’t put it on when getting into bed the night before because he enjoys running his fingers through my hair as much as I look forward to his large hands holding me. As far as I could tell, he did listen to my explanation of why I wear it at night and took it into account when we sleep.

“If you don’t like them, I have the packing slip.” He sighed with defeat. His shoulders hunched, his lips formed a frown along with his cheekbones that started to turn toward his chin but I took hold of his hand. “No that’s not it. I’m just shocked it’s in the right size and colors I like. I don’t really know what to say.”

Sebastian sat on the bed, setting his hands on my hips and pulled me toward him. My forearms rested on his shoulders, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. “You don’t have to think about it. Just wear one or something else Phany. I want to go to sleep.” His head leaned forward and settled between my breasts, Sebastian groaned into my chest, I felt his smile. “Are you sure you just want to sleep? I know that grin Sea Bass…” My fingers stretched themselves through his walnut brown hair, I loved to play with his hair as much as he did mine. He chuckled and looked up between my mounds. “Well yes, but I would like to see you in one of them first.” He continued to grin. “Let me continue to enjoy that you bought such great choices to pick from, you sexy listener.”


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