I was thinking about my friends. How to be a better friend. How much they mean to me. I made a list because I enjoy lists.

  1. A friend of mine must be goofy. No room for being too good to laugh at underpants or any weird joke we come up with.
  2. Crying is okay. I’ll likely cry with you. I’ll cry times too.
  3. There will be panicked phone calls sometimes. Not too often. I have anxiety and I overthink. I freakout. I sent texts some very long.
  4. I will ask questions. Lots of questions will be asked. I’m usually asking to get to know you or to get you to laugh.
  5. I will give you presents, accept them.
  6. I will make a note in my phone on info I know about you so I don’t forget and to get better birthday and Christmas presents.
  7. I make lists. I like to plan. Not everything but usually to make sure I have time for you and to spend time with you. It’s a good thing.
  8. My family will ask about you. We are intrusive and protective. It means I talk about you a lot and they like what they hear.
  9. I will talk about my family a lot, like friends, family is really important to me.
  10. You have to listen to me at some point talk about Marvel, TV, movies and video games. Likely including thirst. I will explain this to you. It is a thing. I will also ask you to read my fanfiction.