Thinking Seriously About Work

Is it worth it?

I find myself wondering more often if my current job is worth the stress, drama and unreasonable workload. I’ve been hesitant to write about it because I respect the people who hired me, my bosses, my staff, my coworkers. But my writing is for me to express myself and even though I have hesitated, I feel the need to write this. I am having serious concerns with my work. The amount of work and that it seems every few weeks there are more tasks added without additional help. What’s worse is that people seem to be who the company hire or bring in, leave a few months (a few in weeks) after working. I believe it is a combination of not only the workload, but the health insurance and the 401k that is difficult to pin down.

What’s going on with you specifically?

In my job title, I not only manage staff in a section of the building but I often deal with several other departments as well as requests from my higher-ups. I assume because the company has consolidated several of the positions that we used to have last year (one of my bosses is not only doing her job but also staff education as well, getting rid of the previous staff educator who did it full time). I find that my own job duties seemed to have tripled with some staff education added in there, as well as multiple assessments, reports that the company says they want, a daily document that has to be collected just in case one of the corporate people come in and want to see them and you may be required to come in early or stay late (I’m a salaried employee so this bothers me). It also bothers me that I may have to go events after work as a coworker of mine and told that it is mandatory. The meetings is what does it for me. I love to interact with my staff, residents and families. I cannot due that when I’m on some corporate call bout what we just talked about in the morning meet and what will also be in my daily paper, but we also need to talk about it on the phone apparently as well. Several times a week The meetings take up hours of the day, but finish all your work and still clock out on time. The same thing we tell the staff who we then get mad at when they don’t finish all the documentation but with all the additional assessments they take time which if you’re going to to be written up for staying over, I would clock out on time as well and finish tomorrow.

I feel so frustrated by everything. I love where I work and the people, but I also feel I need less stress and deal with less crazy people (the residents can be but the have medical and mental issues – the company supposedly doesn’t have any of that). I’d love to continue to manage residents’ care as best as I can but it cannot continue at the expense of me. I just don’t know how to make it better….


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