The Red flag should have been the Transcripts

I’ve been working on getting back into school to finish my BSN. I thought I was in one school which I suppose technically I am, but it doesn’t feel like it.




They’ve been processing my transcripts since mid-October 2019. Yeah, I wish I was exaggerating. I get wanting copies of your college transcripts of other colleges you may have gotten other degrees or credits from. Makes sense so you don’t have to repeat classes or credits and helps you get your degree with the classes you need. But what I don’t understand is why despite having both my college transcripts, they want my high school transcript when I graduated with an ADN and the AP classes are on the same transcript as the ADN.

I’m going to withdraw from that school. I want my BSN for better job prospects and security sooner rather than later.

Good news is that I did find a better school that accepted my transcripts and did not ask for high school transcripts. (I even asked the admissions coordinator if they required them and she seemed to scoff on the phone. I’ve never been so happy to be scoffed at.) I have submitted my FASFA as well and will save more money because I’ll definitely need it. School isn’t cheap.

Here’s to finding a better school and getting my BSN next year!

3 thoughts on “The Red flag should have been the Transcripts

  1. Hi, Had to look up BSN as it’s not something I know. Hey! I’m so pleased for you that things seem to be going ahead the way you want. It’s amazing how some institutions are supportive while others just put obstacles in the way. Onwards and upwards now. Look forward to your updates.


  2. So very happy for you and we will celebrate when this is done. So very very proud of you ❤️.Sent from my Alcatel 3T 8 Tablet


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