The Movie “Knives Out” – Sort of a Review

I am unsure if my review has spoilers.

It likely does, but not any major plot points.

Just different aspects of the movie that you’ll find interesting and say “Aha!” when you go see it yourself.

The only reason I say sort of a review is due to my bias for Chris Evans.

Not that I don’t follow and enjoy other actors and actresses in the movie but Chris Evans in cable knit sweaters and long coats with a scarf is a thing for me now.

I now know this to be true.

Anyway, the movie was directed by Rian Johnson and a little over 2 hours long.

The previews made it appear like an Agatha Christie murder mystery if everyone does not have an English accent.

I enjoy mysteries, murder, twists and turns, without much of the red tape and warrants that come from police procedural shows and movies.

The movie focuses on a rich family with the patriarch living in an estate (because some rich people live on estates with multiple acres and woods and have decorative statues that would fit in a horror movie).

He has been supporting his family with globs of money he makes as a writer, like Stephen King with murder, and his family is beyond spoiled.

They appear to hate each other with a passion based in jealousy, rivalry and greed. But in the middle is the nurse who cares for the patriarch in his final days.

She sees everything but says nothing because as much as she is integral to the home running well due to how well she cares for the patriarch (Christopher Plummer – who reminds me of every fun elderly patient I’ve had except for being filthy rich) she is not a blood relation which is a major thing later in the movie.

You have the State Trooper which would be me, my mouth agape and in awe of everything going on.

Lakeith Standfield as the other actual police presence a lieutenant and who is pressure to close the case because it looks straight forward and he’s wary of the antics of Daniel Craig’s character Mont Blanc who’s Southern accent is so ridiculous and matches the aesthetic of the movie itself that it works.

Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis and Toni Colette both play their roles well as the eldest daughter who is the most successful and the daughter in law who is a sponge on the family.

One thing I did notice is that the women of the family, with the exception of Jamie Lee Curtis’ character appeared muted into the background.

I’m not sure what to make of it. Even the nurse who cared for the patriarch, wasn’t focused on in great detail until the second half of the movie.

They showed some things from her perspective but I think due to her not being of the family (even though that’s what they kept telling her, she didn’t make more of an impact until the latter half of the movie.)

The nurse Marta (played wonderfully by Ana de Armas) was shown as meek remaining quiet as these rich privileged people spoke about subjects, including her.

Marta is an immigrant which is important to the story and leads to the family not being able to really know which country her family immigrated from which is a source of comedy and how out of touch the family as a whole is.

As the movie rolls on, Marta finds her voice, though still quiet, and it makes a great impact. One I would have liked to see after the dust settled after the climax of the movie.

And we’re to Chris Evans who plays a jerk putting it mildly or truly, an asshole in this movie. Between Making the help call him Hugh and his middle name being Ransom, it all screams “I am a raging asshole! You shall hate me or at the very least be annoyed when I am on screen!” Which you are to his credit in how well he plays the role.

The movie ties everything together fairly nicely, but I would have loved twenty more minutes just to see where things were in one to three months as an epilogue. The musical score is creepy, whimsical and flows from once scene to the next even when the tone shifts dramatically.

I honestly hope Rian Johnson does more murder mystery movies with a different signature look to them. The movie kept me engaged the entire time and I didn’t feel any temptation to go on my phone once.

Overall, I loved the movie and would go see it again in theatres but will likely rent it again to watch once it comes on Prime Video likely next year.

(I watched the movie November 22, 2019 and wrote this the day after. I needed time to process my thoughts but also needed them to be fresh too.)