Thankful for 2019

I have had an interesting year this year. Every year is different from the last but this year was a big one. I turned thirty this year and had a birthday party thrown for me by my friends. Who brought me a sash, Avengers cake, tiara and had my make up done professionally. They also took me to a restaurant that I did get food poisoning at but everything before that was great! 

I feel that this year I grew into myself, getting to know more of want, don’t want and even starting online dating (that’s not going so well so I backed off of it). I also wrote so much more this year alone then I did in the last 10 years. I worked on my blog, even wrote fanfiction and poems too. 

One of the biggest things is that I was able to enroll and start going back to school for my BSN.

The one downer for this year has been work and the mounting stress at the job. I’m mostly unhappy but I am employed and thankful for that. I’m going into the new grateful, thankful and hopeful for what 2020 will being for me. Reflecting on this Thanksgiving Day this is what I am thankful for.


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