Podcast: What’s the word?

I’ve been listening to awesome, funny and thought provoking women on my Spotify account.

Looking at you ThirstAid Kit and Why Won’t You Date Me? The two I listen to the most often.

I have a decent fan-base with my blog here and I was thinking that there may be some subjects I want to speak about but I feel I can’t write about effectively. Which is weird because I am a writer, but I have notes in my composition notebook (pen and paper, still love the feel of it), Samsung Notes and my Google Drive that consist of posts that have been in the works for months.

Now what I will do it try writing some of my notes out in a more organized fashion and try reading them for 10 minutes. I know you’re supposed to have an episode time and I’m assuming you must not hate how your voice sounds.

I find myself mildly annoyed when listening to voice messages of myself. Ugh.

At this point it is just an idea. I’ll see what I can figure out and this will determine if I do a podcast at all.

My blog will continue of course with posts coming as often as I can get them up.

Feel free to comment, after I wouldn’t have a good blog without my readers keeping up and asking questions. 🤓


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