Skin: Be more gentle!

I had my follow up facial the last day of November. No microdermabrasion. Why? Haven’t you been talking about how long you’ve been working on them and what you’ve tried? This is true. As it turns out, you can go too hard on the exfoliation.

I received excellent news and weird news.

Excellent news: no acne! Feels like the first time in twenty years but its likely closer to fifteen. Either way, I managed to be acne free!

Weird news: I exfoliated my skin so much that it was peeling. I did try and adhere to the products I bought a month ago, but they were burning my face. Not a good tingle but burning, you need to wash it off now!

No exfoliating for at least two weeks. I’m going to try and just stick to my salicylic acid cleanser, no toner (my toners all have some type of acid salicylic or glycolic), face oil and moisturizer. I believe I am going to have to find a thicker one that’s more hydrating. I have Ulta rewards saved up and a Sephora gift card too. Between the two, I should be able to find products without any acid in them. I also noticed that below my eyebrow in the crease of my eyelid I have a scare I think from the waxing.

Gentle for the skin is the goal.

I’ll have another update in December when I go back.


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