Living at Home

People living with their parents are often shown in TV/Movies as lazy, not having any ambition, underemployed or unemployed which definitely could describe some people I know of. It could be that they never wanted to move out, made choices in life where that they had to move back in or to save money for a later goal, moved back in. It could even be to care for aging/impaired parents that need supervision or maybe help around the house with chores and tasks. I think because of the United States’ baby boomers and beyond, it has become more acceptable to be living with your parents over the age of twenty-five.

I was sitting thinking, as one does when drinking hot chocolate and it occurred to me that no one really describes what it is like living with your parents by choice. I am thirty years old, single and I live with my parents in their house. I was never sked to move out by my parents, some children are at eighteen years old and many of them feel the need to strike out of their own. That need never came to me, not sure why. I was happy to come home, sure they can get annoying, but everyone (related or not) gets annoying at some point.

“But isn’t it weird being to home with them and being an adult?”

No, not really. I love them and they love me. I pay my rent (which if you’re a working adult living with your parents or anyone who is putting a roof over your head you should be paying rent to them or splitting the bills if you live with someone – work your budget out), handle my car (insurance, repairs, gas and anything else it needs) my own bills and contribute toward buying appliances, groceries and the like. I do that because of the love and respect I have for them.

“Aren’t they in your business though?”

I have my own room. I tell my parents (Mom mainly), what she needs to know and things she asks me about. We share different interests so usually we watch TV and movies together. Does she ask quests about my mail? Yes, but she doesn’t open it. Usually she can tell what it is and I let her know. Our relationship is fairly open so I don’t feel the need to hide things from her or anyone else in my house. The house has me, my mother and father and my younger brother. When I was younger my mom wouldn’t take no for an answer as I’ve aged she accepts that I’m responsible and if I come to her its because I want her to know or I need her advice on something.

“What about your love life?”

I imagine that would be a bit sticky with most people who live with their parents. I’ve never had much of one so it’s never come up.

“Are you always going to live with them?”

It’s looking likely right now in my life. I did consider buying a house but when I realized I would be in it alone it scared me so I didn’t buy one. I get scared enough when no one is in the house at night because I didn’t have enough leave to go on the latest family trip. Assuming I actually meet someone who I would want move in with and spend the rest of my life with or a part of it, we’d have that conversation long before we move in together. Given my life right now with my work, blog and upcoming school, I doubt I will meet anyone. That’s a can of worms for several posts.

I answered what people normally ask when I say I live with my parents, if anyone has any further questions, feel free to ask below in the comment section.

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