I get it kinda now with Harry Styles

So I heard his song “Adore You” and then saw the music video which was a mini movie last week. It was adorable.

I haven’t stopped listening to the song and added it to my Spotify playlist. I still haven’t gotten sick of it. In fact, the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. I am a sucker for music with guitars and a heavy beat which this song has. Bah.

Now I looked Harry up on Spotify, remembered he was part of One Direction (became mad at myself but the other songs I found helped with that – haven’t been into boy bands since N’Sync, Backstreet and B2K) and found more singles by him. I listened to them on the way to work and I am rocking out to them in the office.

A two weeks later…

Still rocking out to Harry Styles and now I am saving pictures of him on my phone. Why? Outfits? Colors? Tattoos? Fluffy hair? Pearls?

I couldn’t find one of quality with the Pearls. I have a new obsession now.

It makes no sense. Yet here we are and I am watching YouTube videos of Harry and James Corden be fools in Carpool Karaoke. Laughing so hard I had to make a bathroom trip.

I think it is my combined adoration of people who don’t take themselves seriously, goofballs, British accents (see Tom Hiddleston, James Norton, Idris Elba, Tom Holland, Tom Hardy, etc.), spicy whites (ThirstAidKit term – from the Sebastian Stan episode in season 2), people who like weird stuff (stuff I like) John Boyega & Michael B Jordan with anime and singers/ artists.

I’m late to Harry show but I’m here for it. If you see me singing in the car and doing hand gestures, it’s likely to one of his songs.


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