A Lazy Christmas

Most people expect that for Christmas they may be traveling to family homes, across town, the states, some out of the country. If you haven’t see those family members for awhile, you love them enough or maybe they’re paying for your to come, I say go for it!

As for me, I prefer to stay in with the family that I live with. We gather, may open presents or eat breakfast and have coffee first. Then we might watch a movie together, laugh at each other’s gifts and give hugs. We go to our separate places in the house and relax until dinner, eat and be marry, then relax again before bed.

Tomorrow is work for most of those in the house. We don’t have people over anymore because no one feels like cleaning up after them nor having things go missing.

I prefer to keep Christmas lazy and carefree – enjoying those who are with me already and maybe reaching out to those who I haven’t spoken to in awhile.


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