Reflecting on 2019

As I reflect on the last 10 years, I ponder how far I have come. I went to UMBC at Shady Grove in 2009 or somewhere about and studied psychology which I use at my current job today with our heavy psych population.

I worked for a few years, went to a new church which one of the few positive things that came out of that place was volunteering at my local hospital and deciding to go back to school to become a nurse in 2012.

I completed the full 2 years with the Montgomer College Nuraing program and passed my licensing exam on the first try. I became a nurse July 2014! I was working the majority of my time at the school as a private dute aide, usually nights and weekends. I adored working with the elderly and even when one of them made me cry, I learned then that I need to build a thicker skin in nursing.

By 2015 I was working as a nurse in my first real RN job. It was bittersweet as I loved working there but it was then I learned that one incident can make you a scapegoat for something you were in an entirely different area of the building for.

The second half of 2015 after my first nursing job had me dealing with being out or work for a few months before getting a part time job at an assisted living. It went well and before I resigned there due to it being bought out by a large company, I met one of my best friends who I still talk to today. She’s tall, looks like a model, has two teen daughters and had a girlfriend and now wife. She was in many ways my opposite and it still surprises me today how close we are. I’m thankful daily that I count her among my friends.

After the assisted living, in 2017, I landed a job at a skilled nursing facility where I met my current DON. I learned so many different skills and it lead to my current job which I started in 2018.

Now I’m working as a unit manager and I’m signed up to start classes to finish my BSN next week. I also restarted my blog that’s doing well and I’m working on starting my own podcast maybe.

This has been an awesome year for me. I met two more best friends as well who have become like sisters to me as well. I also met Zachery Levi, Stephen Amell, Mike Colter and John Travolta at a comic book convention in August.


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