Drunk Elephant

My Drunk Elephant regimen I use two to three times a week.

I tried to use retinol to help improve my skin and the dark marks but it burned when I used it.

The Drunk Elephant Baby Sukari mask is a chickpea based product that you can put on and go about what you need to do for 20 minutes. It doesn’t tighten and you’ll feel it tingle. I use it more than once a week because I’m used to putting acids on my face.

I wash the product off after 20 minutes, use that eye Shaba cream which feels great but costs a lot more than my current eye creams and apply the marula oil to my skin. It soaks in quickly giving me a pretty glow that’s a little less than what I wake up with in the morning due to the oil in my skin.

My last step is the Lala whipped cream moisturizer which seals everything in and makes it stay moisturized.

These products are good for a facial but they’re pretty expensive so if you were just going to get one, I’d say the Sukari Baby facial is the main one to get.


Sukari Baby Facial $80

Marula oil $42 for 15 mL or $72 for 30 mL

Eye Shaba $60 for 15 mL

Lala Retro whipped cream $60 for 50 mL

If you feel like a luxury item I would try one of these products. You can buy them at Sephora or Drunk Elephant’s website.

Let me know what you think or maybe your experience with them or other luxury products.


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