People are upset that Harry Styles is scheduled to perform at Pepsi even in Miami

I’m on Twitter scrolling through my timeline wondering what the hashtag “#harrybackout.” I didn’t know what people wanted him to back out of, and why they were so upset.

It turns out that Harry Styles has agreed to perform at a concert in Miami on January 31st that’s a pre Super Bowl party meaning it’s associated with the NFL. The NFL as we all aware has many black and other POC players, but very few in management or ownership positions. There’s also Colin Kaperneck who took a knee for Black Lives Matter and police brutality, in doing so he cannot play in the NFL due to being blacklisted.

For me, I see both sides. As a fan of Harry, I’m happy to see him continuing to perform and get more gigs with increased exposure for his music which is awesome.

As a black woman I also would like him to make some sort of statement about the movement or police brutality. Some people are asking him to donate whatever he makes from the concert to charity which….eh. That’s telling him what to do with his money which I don’t agree with.

He’s a man, an actor, a performer. I don’t expect him to give up his whole career or possible chances to advance it as he just started his solo career a few years ago, but it would be great for him to make a statement, more than what’s already on his guitar.

Once you sign a contract, you have to abide by it, breaking it would make a wonderful statement about the movement but also send another message to future groups or companies that may want to book him that he can’t be trusted to perform if his fans don’t like us for legitimate reasons (like the NFL) or not.

Just my thoughts on it. What are yours?

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