Lizzo and Harry at Pepsi in Miami

Harry and Lizzo on stage performing in Miami

Lizzo brought Harry Styles on stage during her performance on January 30th and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

She looks beautiful in a denim swimsuit with pretty rhinestone suspenders (maybe I don’t know if they really are or not). He is wearing one of his wide leg pant outfits with a sweater vest over a long cream colored shirt with matching boots.

Complete opposites in fashion and music actually, but Harry is a huge Lizzo fan (from his cover of her song “Juice” he did in December 2019 in the BBC lounge (link will be at the bottom of the post). He mentioned “getting on her radar” and spoke highly of her stating that “she’s exactly what you want to be as an artist which is yourself.”

Lizzo in turn posted a reaction of her melting (as would I honestly) and the line “You know what that means…” in a playful manner. Like most, I assumed it meant she may ask him to write her a song, the pair may write or create a song together or she may just show up as a concert of his. I’m likely projecting on that last point. Lizzo can show up at most concerts and whoever the performer is would be happy to have her there.

I didn’t expect that they would sing “Juice” together. I knew they would be in Miami, maybe meet and talk about a collaboration because camp of people always have to talk to other camps of people wrote things happen.

Their performance is as wonderful as it was just energetic and looked to be a blast. The two of them were smiling ear to ear while singing together. Their little dance was adorable as well and I might do it in my office sometimes. My two favorite parts of the performance: Harry and Lizzo holding hands while singing and jumping around, it’s what you do with a friend that you’re really happy to see. The pair singing the bridge of the song where they were going back and forth mixing the lyrics a bit.

I really do hope Lizzo and Harry Styles perform together more. Their high chaotic energies work really well together. Maybe later this year we’ll even get a song from them. The year is still young!

Link to their performance from the January 30th 2020 Miami Pepsi stage:


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