Review: Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

I love this mask! 😆 It’s on the expensive side at $44 but it’s worth it if you use it once or twice a week. My face feels smoother than it ever has. The packaging is simple and the top screws back on keeping the mask intact for further use.

It functions as a physical exfoliant and a chemical exfoliant. The physical part is rubbing it in on your face for a full minute. There are small particles in the mask but they’re not abrasive. The chemical part comes in letting it sit on your face for ten minutes afterward them rinsing it off. The mask smells of pumpkin which is wonderful and it doesn’t dry your face out.

I plan to repurchase when it is low. 🥰

I bought the mask online from Sephora. It’s marked on my Loves list.


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