Been away for awhile

Hello all! Sorry I’ve haven’t been posting that regularly. Between work and this coronavirus with all of it’s changes it have been causing in life, the post I meant to upload at the start of March has been on hold.


1. COVID-19 – No one took it seriously, people got sick, were told to take precautions, people did not, more people got sick, people freaked out, everything is shut down.

2. My birthday is canceled unless things calm down.

3. ACE Comic Con was canceled which makes sense because there’s so many people from all over and in one place.

4. Toilet paper is golden! It will not prevent the spread of COVID-19. Only Hand washing, staying away from people and trying to be a clean person will. Seriously though, if you don’t have to be around people for work, stay home and be thankful that you can sit at home. There are people either not being paid or being laid off because of this mess. Be thankful there’s a job for you to go after this COVID-19 calms down.

5. Started watching “Raising Dion” on Netflix. It is an amazing show! 😀 Excellent to see a little black boy with powers and his mother as yes a strong black woman but also very vulnerable because of her husband’s death and raising a little black boy in today saying world – who has superpowers. Complicated much?!

6. Looks like so far Harry Styles is still having his concert. No cancelations yet, I saw a post that was advertising for more dates. He and his team may not cancel until the last minute. I know he really enjoys performing (watched many a YouTube video) and that I’m excited to see him perform. As long as it’s safe. Maybe.

7. Trying to paint my nails more. I don’t know what I did wrong the last time but one broke across the middle while I was removing the nail polish so those fun colors I picked out will have to wait.

8. I downloaded the Final Fantasy 7 demo. I have not played it yet.


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