Peach and Lilly Glass Skin Discovery Starter Kit

I though that K-beauty was just for White and Asian people which is stereotypical and racist but that’s who I usually saw in advertisements and reviewing the products.

The packaging for the Peach and Lilly discovery kit was simple bright and cute. I decided that I needed more hydration even though I have typically very oily skin. The cleanser is gentle and takes the oil off my face but doesn’t leave it tight or dry. The essence (which I haven’t used any before) was hydrating as well and it seemed to help smooth my skin out. The glass serum softens my skin and gives it a bit of a bounce, it has a clean smell that isn’t overpowering. Finally you have the matcha 🍵 moisturizer which locks in all the hydration and makes your face soft and dewy.

I thought my oily skin was dewy, but dewy of soft and not slick and blinding.

I just ordered a second set because my first one is low. I’ve been using it for about a week. 🥰

A picture of the packaging that the kit comes in.
My skin a week after using the kit. It feels so soft! I still produce oil during the day but not as much. My marks are continuing to lighten gradually.

For my dark marks in particular, I also use Peach and Lilly’s resurfacing mask twice a week, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes and the Sephora Collection Vitamin C serum.

Peach and Lilly and be bought at and Ulta Beauty. I bought it from Ulta to earn points toward a future purchase.


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