Vote! Don’t sit and watch!

With all the talk of mail in voting, people not voting because they feel their vote doesn’t matter, may be manipulates or may not get there due to mail in voting and the overall mess the USPS has become since within the last few months the Government have decided to roll back funding for it, I feel that we should still vote.

We have a duty as Americans, as free people to vote. I’ve said it and I will keep saying it, people have fought and died for your right to vote. It boggles my mind how grown people born and raised in the country manage to have either never been registered or never noted in a national, state or local election.

In a pandemic where people have had protests for haircuts, their kids to back to school, warranted protests over place men and women being shot and abused by police in body cam video and cell phone video, people are talking about not voting.

If there was ever a time to vote it would be this year. I plan on via early voting in my state since it’s available since there will be less chance of crowds, whenever I’ve voted, the booths are pretty spread out anyway. I expect that there will be lines or dots on the floor 6 feet apart to guide people so like most of this year, it will take adjustment but it’s fine. I’ll wear my mask and have hand sanitizer in my purse.

For those who don’t at all or don’t regularly vote, your reasons are personal, fine. But I encourage you to start voting not only in your notational elevations, but also state and local since state and local affects our lives more directly. I want to know who my judges are so if I end up in court or someone I know, hopefully they’re fair or I need to vote someone else in. How about the DA who is going after and prosecuting criminals? Are they fair or just concerned primarily by spotlight (I know most are concerned somewhat with spotlight, but their track record shows if that’s been the entire case or just recently). Is the mayor going to appoint a police commissioner or chief that’s concerned about punishing those who they believe are doing wrong or trying to while keeping people safe try and work on systemic issues that are leading to officers/citizens injury and deaths, I’d like the latter, but if that’s who’s being brought on board in their administration.

I want to know who is on my county’s school board because I am concerned about some of these kids’ education and have concerns about what they’re using the money for. I have nieces, they’re smart, but if you don’t invest in the students and people who are in charge of their education (teachers, coaches, environmental services, food, etc) then we can’t really say we did all we could in trying to have the best possible tomorrow for people who are going to determine our lives later. And yes, home schooling, home work, actually putting in the time and working with kids is important but if my tax dollars are going to go to an institution designed to teach them I’d like them to do the best job they can and be well-equipped to do so.

I explore everyone to educate yourself and vote according to what is best for you and your families and loves ones. But please vote! It should not be trivialized. It is a serious thing. Look for early voting where you live and vote! If you choose to vote by mail, get it in early and see if you can track it.


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