Getting back into Anime

This past month, I’ve gotten back into watch anime and joined and Black Anime Group. I’ve finished two anime and am watching five different anime titles. I hadn’t watched it for awhile becuase of work, school and being so stressed all of the time that I would just come home and play video games. Now I come home and watch anime.

The two anime I finished the past 2 weeks were called “School Babysitters” and “Tanaka-kun is listless.”

Tanaka-kun is Listless is a cute slice of life/school anime following Tanaka who’s main goal in like is to do as little as possible. He is followed by his faithful best friend Ohta-kun (light blue square) who is often seen carrying Tanaka under or over his shoulder, feeding him and often making sure he’s safe. There’s a cast of colorful people in Tanaka’s life and over the 12 episodes you get to meet them. I was sad the series was so short but I’ll likely rewatch it again.
School Babysitters (Gakuen Babysitters) is another school series that is a cuteness overload! The two main characters are Kashima and Kotoro (pictured above in the foreground) who are brothers who have just lost their parents in a place accident. Now orphans, they’ve been taken in by an old woman who is a chairwoman of a private school She had recently lost her son and daughter-I-law. It starts out as a bittersweet story of loss and adjustment to new surroundings. The Chairwoman stipulates that Kashima is to become the school babysitter (as part of a babysitting club) during his breaks and after school for the pre-school children of the teachers. Since he has been caring for his little brother Kotaro, he manages the children well. He and Kotoro experience adventures with the children, students and adults of the school. It’s my second time watching it and it’s just as cute as the first time. I really wish there were more spiders of this anime too. There’s 12 episodes and a special at the end.

The anime that I’m currently watching are Fire Force, The God of High School, Ixion Saga DT, Gintama, In/Spectre and Days of Urashimasakatasen. In lieu of my recent cuteness overload, I went more action packed and comedic anime titles.

However with In/Spectre it is supernatural and I’m note clear how much romance if any might be in it, the heroine doesn’t seem to have shot and missed on this one. It’s only episode one though, 11 more to go.

Are there different anime you all are watching? if so let me know in your comments? We’re all spending more time at home so we may as well share our lists.


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